At a Glance

  • DUG Technology is at the forefront of high performance computing, combining innovative hardware and software solutions that enable clients to make use of large and complex datasets.
  • To build a resilient and adaptive storage environment that enabled expansion into new markets, DUG switched from hard disk drives to petabytes of flash storage with VAST Data Universal Storage, powered by 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Intel® Optane SSDs and Intel® QLC 3D NAND SSDs, to boost performance and reliability.

Seismic analysis is a high performance computing (HPC) discipline that pieces together what lies under the surface of the earth from nothing more than the reflection of sound. To come up with useful 3D analyses requires petabytes (PB) of data and thousands of powerful computers. Not even major oil companies possess all of the computational resources necessary to conduct all of this analysis in-house, so they turn to companies like DUG Technology to tease out details from their mountains of data.

DUG refers to this capability as HPC-as-a-service (HPCaaS): specialized, full-stack exascale computation available on demand. Traditionally, DUG’s compute-as-a-service technology was available only to specific customers, such as major oil and gas companies. As the market took notice of its capabilities, DUG expanded its offering to other industry verticals that use this same service to tackle a diverse set of extreme computational needs.

DUG decided to bring the same “bring-nothing-but-your-data” ease of service to businesses outside of the energy sector. DUG knew that it could serve these new industry verticals economically because of the specialized DUG McCloud service for HPC. VAST Data Universal Storage, powered by Intel® technologies, undergirds DUG McCloud and enabled DUG to successfully break into new verticals, including academia, astrophysics, medicine and genomics, wildfire modeling, and COVID-19 research. However, getting to this point required a sea change in how DUG dealt with its storage.

DUG Technology: Exascale Flash Storage