Using adapters or enclosures with Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) SSDs

Explanation of possible issues with using adapters cables or cards.


It is recommended that drives be connected directly to the motherboard. 

If you are connecting a drive through an adapter or enclosure (USB to SATA, USB to M.2, Thunderbolt™), keep in mind that the BIOS, motherboard, backplane, and tools may not recognize the drive correctly. 

Third-party cables or adapters can and do work, but it is important to keep the following in mind: 

  • Does the adapter or enclosure export the correct model string to the operating system? 
    • If the tool does not receive the correct model string, the various tools may not work or have unexpected results. 
  • The adapter or enclosure must supply power to run the drive. 
  • Protocols supported by the adapters need to convert the protocols properly between the drive and adapter. 
    • For example, a USB 2.0 enclosure will not work with an NVMe* SSD, the adapter should be USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt™
  • Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) does not provide support for these cables or adapters.

Also note that there could be a performance impact. For the best performance, connect directly to the motherboard. 

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Using adapters or enclosures with Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) SSDs