How to install Windows® 10 to a GUID Partition Table (GPT)

Properly install Windows® 10 on your storage disk with UEFI enabled in the system BIOS and the GPT (GUID Partition Table) created


We recommend performing Windows® 10 installations enabling UEFI with a GUID Partition Table (GPT).
Some features may not be available if you use the Master Boot Record (MBR) style partition table. 

Configure a system to install an OS to a GUID Partition Table (GPT) partition

  • We highly recommended performing a backup of your data. If you have a second disk drive with enough available capacity, you can create a system image and recover the full installation as it was before you started this procedure.
  • Screenshots and directions below are examples. Consult with your motherboard or system manufacturer for specific BIOS instructions.
  1. Connect a USB Windows 10 UEFI install key
  2. Boot the system into the BIOS (for example, using F2 or the Delete key)
  3. Locate the Boot Options Menu
  4. Set Launch CSM to Enabled. If CSM is set to Disabled, you can skip to step 8 below
  5. Set Boot Device Control to UEFI Only
  6. Set Boot from Storage Devices to UEFI driver first
    Set Boot from Storage Devices
  7. Save your changes and restart the system
  8. Reenter the BIOS (for example, using F2 or the Delete key)
  9. Confirm in the Boot Priority List that the USB UEFI OS Boot option is at the top of the list
    Boot Priority
  10. Reboot the system and install Windows as usual

Confirm that Windows is installed to a GPT partition

  1. Boot into Windows
  2. Open Disk Manager (For Windows 10, press the Windows key and the X key simultaneously, then click Disk Manager)
  3. You see three partitions including the EFI System Partition
    Three partitions, including the EFI System Partition
  4. Right-click the disk shown as (Disk x, Basic, Capacity, Online) on the left
  5. Select Properties
  6. Click the Volumes tab
  7. Here you can confirm the Partition style
    Partition style
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How to install Windows® 10 to a GUID Partition Table (GPT)